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About Zoe

Whether you have a fear of flying, a phobia about spiders or you are worried about the future – we are here to help you conquer these fears.

Hypnotherapy – the beginnings

Zoe gained an interest in hypnotherapy 15 years ago when she attended a course herself for weight loss. Seeing the positive results, she decided to explore more and soon became engrossed in the theory behind it.

As a follow on to hypnotherapy, Zoe started to look into Mindfulness and the benefits of Positive Thinking. This opened up a much wider spectrum of thoughts for her and so began Zoe’s adventure into the many aspects of hypnotherapy and associated practices.

Finley the Fox

Finley the Fox

In 2003 Zoe suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being involved in an horrific traffic accident. To help her through this traumatic period, she received Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and to this day, still uses these very same principles in many aspects of her work.

Zoe has experienced a few of the common problems that people face, a fear of needles, depression, weight loss, PTSD – all of which have been addressed and combated using hypnotherapy and associated treatments.

Outside of Hypnotherapy

Outside of her work, Zoe enjoys a number of past-times: walking, airgun shooting, cinema going – as well as sharing her home with Husband Dan, Victor the cat, Poppy the dog and Finley the Fox. An avid reader – with over 2000 books at home, Zoe somehow manages to also find time to work as a volunteer at the Samaritans.

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